Tiny Miles, Big Savings Program

Introducing the Tiny Miles, Big Savings program at Davidson Ford - as close as you can get to a new car with a used car price! Save thousands on vehicles with under 3,000 miles! These are our best service loaners and demo vehicles, owned and maintained by Davidson, that we are selling at a massive discount! Plus, you get a bumper-to-bumper warranty with a 100,000 mile warranty available AND all new rebates and incentives apply. These are as close to a new Ford as you can get, and all with BIG Davidson Savings! Shop our Tiny Miles, Big Savings program at Davidson today!

Can I really save thousands? Absolutely! We get it... true deals are rare. But exactly one of those rare moments! Because these nearly-new vehicles have under 3,000 miles, we can heavily discount them while still offering Ford's best incentives and warranties. But shhh.... don't tell too many people!

Do I still get factory rebates and discounts? Yes! One of the advantages of our Tiny Miles program is that Ford extends the same factory rebates and discounts as they do for new Ford vehicles.

What is a service loaner or demo vehicle? Service Loaners are vehicles that are owned and maintained by Davidson Ford that we lend to our customers when they come in for service. Our Demo units are vehicles we use internally to showcase for customers. Both have low mileage and have been pristinely maintained - but you still get to save thousands off!

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